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  • Contains a high concentration of essential oils
  • Stimulates blood circulation so that toxins are eliminated more efficiently
  • Improves elasticity to the hoof wall, ensuring not only quick relief but also supporting the function of the hoof mechanism, improving hoof quality and promoting hoof growth

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Cavalor PodoSens is a unique blend of essential oils that helps to provide quick relief to sensitive hooves and promotes hoof elasticity. It also supports optimum hoof growth. Cavalor PodoSens is a therapeutic hoof oil for use on horses with sensitive hooves and/or problem hooves. Cavalor PodoSens also improves elasticity in the hoof wall, ensuring not only quick relief, but also supporting the hoof mechanism and improving the quality and growth of the hoof. Unlike other oils that must be used daily for hoof maintenance and to make hooves shine, Cavalor PodoSens is economical to use, as it is intended for application to the sole and/or coronet only.



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Cavalor PodoSens contains a high concentrate of essential oils such as clove (Syzygium aromaticum), birch (Betula alba), lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) and eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus). These mainly reduce hoof sensitivity but also stimulate blood flow for more efficient elimination of toxins.

How to use

Apply Cavalor PodoSens twice daily to the coronet and/or the sole of the hoof. Repeat until symptoms have disappeared.
Tip: Sensitive hooves caused by metabolic disorders require a “whole-horse” approach. Cavalor PodoSens is recommended in combination with Cavalor LaminAid, along with adjustments to feed. Cavalor LaminAid is a supplement that balances the body’s metabolic and hormonal processes in several ways and supports healthy gut flora.

Warning: For external use only.